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 Worksheets  are differentiated to address each student's educational needs. 

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This website is the result of nearly a decades worth of work completed by a small group of people. Driven by concern for those certain groups of children who get lost in the tides of standardization and budget-cuts. 

The force behind the creation of stonesoupschool.com worksheets is lead by Cheryl Peele, a former special education teacher, who believes no student should have to feel underserved by their academic institution. 

An incredible amount of work and research goes into the creation of our worksheets. We hope you will recognize the quality of our efforts in our products and will spread the word that ability level based educations can vastly improve a child's future.

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At StoneSoupSchool.com we are determined to make available a modified variation for every academic subject we present. Tailoring worksheets to fit the ability level of a student can make all the difference in their academic performance.

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 StoneSoupSchool.com provides educational strategies for every student based on their abilities!