Our Mission Statement and How We Came to Be
Providing digital educational strategies for every student, regardless of their ability level.

Stone Soup School

Our mission is to provide educational support to all students from all types of backgrounds and ability levels.

We offer teaching strategies for teachers and parents in each academic level and for every subject, with over a dozen different approaches to fit the needs of each student.

All ability levels are considered in the design of our worksheets.

On this website you will find coursework for: traditional students, gifted and talented students, students with a psychiatric diagnosis, medical disabilities, physical disabilities, learning disabilities, students with autism, students with ADD/ADHD, students with traumatic brain injuries, students with visual Impairments, hearing impairments, speech and language impairment, and more....

It is our belief that “every child is born gifted, they just open their gifts at different times.”

Mrs. Cheryl Lynn Peele
Founder, CEO